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Kids Say the Darndest Things

Jeannie over at Kindergarten Lifestyles is having a linky party!  The first thing that "popped" into my head was when a student brought me a Valentine's Card.  He have me a hug and said "Happy Thanksgiving!"  I just giggled and said, "Happy Valentine's Day:)"

Go check it out and make your own!


Sight Words

So, I am home with strep throat today!  This is the second time this year- UGH!  The nice thing for me is I don't have to have a substitute when I am out!  The kids that I work with just stay in the regular classroom.  I took a couple of pictures of things I do in my room on a daily basis to help the students with their SIGHT WORDS.  I introduce seven new words each week to practice.  When they walk into the room, they have to say the "secret password" to enter through the door.

And then they have to walk on the feet and read the words.  On Monday, this is pretty tricky!  By Friday, most of them can do it quickly!!  I laminate the feet and the hands and use a Visa-Vis Marker (overhead marker) because it stays on.  I use whiteboard cleaner to erase the words and put new ones on for the next week:)

Have  a fabulous Thursday!!  I have to go pick up my antibiotic and then take a nap!

Our first grade teachers are using this mini-unit this week to use in their writing workshop!!  They have separated 3 classes into high, medium, and low and are going to be working on activities appropriate for the student's level!  This mini-unit was free from First Grade Fanatics.


I am officially trying to get some followers!!  I am already meeting some new blogging friends!  This should be fun!



So I've wondered how everyone gets that cute little signature on their blog and thanks to Charity Preston at Teaching Blog Traffic School I think I got it!!  Wanted to try it out on a post.  Still trying to figure out how all of this works!


As I did some assessing last week I realized that my math kiddo's were having a difficult time with Frames and Arrows.  So, I thought I would make up a little fun Valentine's Frames and Arrows to help get some practice in.  It has +/- 2's, 5's, and 10's!  Check it out for FREE here!    

I have a fun winter game for students to play.  It's a math sequencing game for the numbers 1-100.  The students will order five "snowballs" that a snowman is juggling!! The kids LOVED this so much I they wanted copies to take home so they could practice at home! How fun is that!  
Download Sequencing Numbers 1-100 here for FREE!!