Super Silent e

We have been having fun with Super Silent e this week and the kids have been catching on pretty well in the small reading group.  They have done a lot with this in the regular classroom but we are just starting to dig into it a little more.  I used my Dippin' Eggs sound boxes freebie the other day and they loved it!!  Here are some pictures. 

We also did another activity that is a freebie as well created by Mrs. Pollard over at Here is a link to her freebie and some pictures of the kiddos doing her activity as well!


Shapes, shapes, and more shapes!!

I keep dreaming about shapes!!  I have been trying to think of some ways to teach 2D and 3D shapes with my first grade math groups.  I have two groups (5 kids in each group) that struggle with math.  I really have to keep them actively engaged to get them to learn.  Any great shapes lessons or activities out there that you would like to share with me??? PLEASE, I need help:) 



Drumroll please... I just picked the winners from our giveaway!!  Here they are...
1.  Teaching 4 Real (3)
2.  Zputty (5)
3.  Krafty Kathy (12)
4.  Diane W (7)
5.  Kelly S. (9)
6.  Kate (10)
Congrats to you all!!  I will be sending you an e-mail shortly!!


CRAZY Egg Hunt

The kids were so excited on Friday to see eggs hidden in the room when they came to reading!!  We did the read around the room activity from my Easter Math/Literacy Centers.  I was a little nervous because I thought for sure they would be crazy once they got started.  Completely the opposite!!  You could have heard a pin drop!  They were so into finding the eggs and writing and stretching out the words I was in shock!  AND not one child all day fought over an egg.  I took some pictures as they were working.  
If you haven't signed up to win this- you should!  Check out the GIVEAWAY- it ends today at 7pm (Eastern Time).  



Here he is all shaved!!  I am very proud of him.  First he got a Mohawk while she was shaving his head.  He keeps saying that his head is cold (and it's been in the 80's here in Ohio).  And then, this morning, he was working on homework and I saw a HUGE hair sticking out of his nose.  It had to be at least a half inch long.  How can an 8 year old have a 1/2 inch hair growing in his nose?? Really?  I told him that they should have shaved that too! 

  Hearing the blends in words and those long vowel sounds is so tricky for my first graders so I made some Elkonin Boxes otherwise known as "sound boxes".  These can be used for CVC, CCVC, CVCC, CCCVC, and I threw in some silent e ones for some more fun!! Here are some pictures of the kiddos using them in my room!!  I have also included a list of several words that can be used because it always seems that I have a hard time "thinking" of words on the run.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy them.  I have one more request... if you would please leave some feedback on TpT for me I would greatly appreciate it!  I had one "not so good" rating because the grade level I marked wasn't very appropriate... my fault but it is really driving me crazy!!
Click on the picture to get the FREEBIE!!


St. Baldrick's and a GIVEAWAY- CLOSED!!

So, I want to start with St. Baldrick's Day.  It's a little different than St. Patrick's Day!!  St. Baldrick's is an organization that is fighting to help prevent children's cancer.  Around St. Patrick's Day, they hold events where people can have their head shaved to help raise money for the organization.  Our principal's daughter, Maddy, is currently fighting cancer.  She is in the 3rd grade now.  She was diagnosed 2 and a half years ago and is going through some very rough treatments right now.  My son Trever (8 years old) has decided to shave his head in honor of Maddy.  Both of my boys did it last year.  It's not usually a huge deal for boys to have their head shaved but he has actually been growing his hair out the past few months (he is looking a little Justin Bieberish...)  Here is a before picture.  I will post an after picture after he gets it buzzed:)

And I know you saw GIVEAWAY in the title!!  (This giveaway is CLOSED NOW and winners have already been selected) I just recently made some Easter Math and Literacy Activities with graphics by The 3AM Teacher and would like to give away three of them!!  AND Mary from Sharing Kindergarten also has a great Easter sorting activity pack that she is giving a way as well.  That means you have 6 chances to win!!  This is my first give away so I'm a little nervous!  Also, I thought that I would donate 1/2 of my profits to our ABC for Maddy Relay for Life team (this is our school team) on any sales that I have from now until Easter on this packet of goodies.  So please pass the word on!!  I would love to be able to raise some money for our team!!

To win the packet, the only thing you need to do is follow this blog and follow my Teachers Pay Teacher Store and follow Sharing Kindergarten Blog and Teachers Pay Teachers Store.  Please leave a comment that you are following both of us and leave your e-mail address so that I can send you the packet if you win!!  This contest will go through Sunday, March 25th.  I will use a random number generator to find 6 winners!!  Good luck to all!!


Kinder-2nd Linky Party

Head on over to Jeannie's website at Kindergarten Lifestyle for a Linky Party!!  There are TONS of great blogs that are geared toward Kindergarten through 2nd Grade!!  Come and join the fun!!
I'm not sure what this whole Pinerly thing is about yet but I can't check anything out without 10 friends.  Click on this link and you can be my friend and we can check this out together.  If you leave me your "web address" that you get when you sign up for it in the comments I will friend you back:) I think (maybe) that's how it works????? If you know more, PLEASE fill me in!!  I will love you forever!!
Here's my Link

St. Patrick's Day Blog Hunt!

Just to start, I'm feeling very privileged to be part of this blog hunt!! As a NEWBIE blogger, I've been trying to figure out what exactly I want to share and do with the blog and I think I've got it!!  I will be posting about things that motivate and inspire me as a teacher and that is teaching struggling students how to read and write.  Here are my blogging goals:
1.  Share ideas about guided reading.
2.  Share ideas about word work strategies.
3.  Share ideas about literacy centers.
4. Share ideas about writing workshop.
If this is something that you may find fun and beneficial please follow my blog and I am always putting up some freebies on my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  I would love if you want to follow me there and keep updated.

Now for the freebie!!  I have made a St. Patrick's Day math game for small groups or centers.  It covers numbers 1-120 (common core standard for first grade).  There are many options for playing the game including greater than/less than, ordering numbers from least to greatest and ordering numbers from greatest to least.  Click on the picture for the freebie!!
The blog hunt continues until March 17th so don't miss out!!  Also sharing today is Katie Lyons from Art of Possibility for Teachers.  Go and check her out!!


Make sure you continue the hunt tomorrow over at

Cooperative Learning 365

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Fantastic Giveaway!!

DillyDabbles and the 3am Teacher have joined together and have a giveaway going on.  Go and check it out on their blogs!!



But that's not it!  Angela over at  The Cornerstone has some great March Freebies!


St. Patrick's Day Blog Hunt

Join the St. Patrick's Day Blog Hunt
It started March 1st with Deanna Jump and goes until March 17th
Get LOTS of freebies and ideas for your classroom
Click the link to join in on the fun!!


WOO HOO!! The Liebster Blog Award

I am very excited!!  I was awarded the Liebster Blog award today from Laura over at Mrs. Castro's Class.  The Liebster Blog award is given to new bloggers that have 200 followers or less.  Thanks to Laura and I have some very deserving blogging sites for you to check out too that I am passing the award on to them.  Here they are:

Addie over at Teacher Talk!

Laura over at Composition Classroom

Here are the rules:
*You must thank the person who awarded you.  So thank you Laura
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