WOO HOO!! The Liebster Blog Award

I am very excited!!  I was awarded the Liebster Blog award today from Laura over at Mrs. Castro's Class.  The Liebster Blog award is given to new bloggers that have 200 followers or less.  Thanks to Laura and I have some very deserving blogging sites for you to check out too that I am passing the award on to them.  Here they are:

Addie over at Teacher Talk!

Laura over at Composition Classroom

Here are the rules:
*You must thank the person who awarded you.  So thank you Laura
*You must link back to their blog.  Mrs. Castro's Class
*You must copy and paste Liebster award button
*You must present award to 5 other bloggers that qualify (200 followers or less)
*You must notify the ones you chose by leaving them a comment on their blog so they can do the same!