I need to play the lottery...and Manic Monday Freebie!

I have been so LUCKY lately!  I should probably play the lottery!  I went to a Girls Night Out fundraiser last Monday for our ABC4Maddy Relay for Life Team and there was a Chinese Auction.  That's the one where you buy tickets and then put them into different prize containers that you would want to win.  My name was pulled 3 times and for the top 2 prizes which were both nice furniture!!  Then, today, I see I was one of the lucky winners in Mrs. Lirette's Learning Detectives awesome giveaway she had last week! If you entered go to see if you are a winner too!  WOW!
I know I just put this out on the last blog post but I wanted to link up to Classroom Freebies Manic Monday.  I created some writing activities that you can do during Teacher Appreciation Week to let the students show their teachers that they are appreciated!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday


Teacher Appreciation Freebie

It's hard to believe that it is almost May!!  I was thinking about Teacher Appreciation week and how I could help all teachers feel appreciated- because, I tell you what, we should all be appreciated.  LOL.  My first thought was I wish I could give everyone more money- but guess what- I don't have much of that... so... I created some activities that students can do for current or former teachers to show their appreciation!  And I made these activities FREE for you because I do appreciate every one of you!! You can click the image below to download!!


Word Stoppers Video

I thought I would take a video of some of my students playing the WORDSTOPPERS Game.  They get really excited when they are playing!!  I have teamed them up on two teams and they take turns rolling the dice. The dice has all of the vowels on it plus one side says ANY.  One person on each team rolls the die and they take turns.  Whatever vowel is rolled, they have to find a word that has that vowel in it and read the word.   I have used pennies and dimes and the "markers".  They have to get 5 in a row and they can also STOP the other team from getting their 5 in a row.  I didn't tape the whole thing - didn't want to bore you... but it gives you an idea of how the game is played and how into it they get!!
I have shared this in response to Charity's 5 Star Blogger Award.  Come and check it out and find some other 5 Star Blogs on your way.  Just click on the award below!!

5-Star Blogger
You can download the game by clicking on the picture:)


Beginning Reader FREEBIE!!

I am linking up again with a FREEBIE for Manic Monday!!  It should have been Manic Sunday yesterday for the Teacher Appreciation blog hop!!  I can't believe how many people stopped to visit my little blog.  It was an exciting day for me!  Hope you all got to get all of the awesome freebies- if not, there is still the TpT sale going on until tomorrow (Tuesday).  Check it out!!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

I made some early sight word readers that allow students to self-monitor their reading right from the start.  There is no memorizing the book, reading without even looking at the words, or turning pages before they have even read the page with these books.  I have made them so that the sight words are in a different order throughout the book.  Don't get me wrong, patterned early readers are also very important and we read them all of the time as well.  But, I have found that these are great for self-monitoring sight words and teaching very beginning readers how to check their reading.  Click below for a free sample of the first book!  It covers the words I, see, a. If you like it, check out the others that come with it.  The words covered are I, see, a, my, the, and, go, to.
I hope you enjoy the free book!!


Classroom Freebies Manic Monday!!

Charity, over at Classroom Freebies has come up with a great idea to allow anyone to contribute to the blog!!  It is called Manic Monday and anyone can link up to share their freebies.  Click on the link below to come and check it out!  You can only post on Mondays.  I can't wait to see what everyone has come up with!  Here is my FREEBIE.  It's  a game called Word Stoppers and the kids love to play!  Just click on the link below to download.

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday


Make It Fun!

I went to a conference yesterday about centers. Now, I don't run centers in my classroom because I am always working with only a small group of students. But, I love the different ideas that students can do in centers and many of them work very well in the my small groups. Just a little reminder to everyone that I was reminded yet again: if you want kids to learn and enjoy school then you need to make learning FUN!  I got some great ideas today that I hope to implement into my reading/math groups over the next couple of weeks (end of the year motivation!!) and I will share some of them with you in some later blog posts.  Here is an idea of 
something EASY that I made up this year and the kids beg me to play this "game" believe it or not.   

Are you ready??  Here it is, creatively named SPEED CARD.  I just came up with this on the top of my head one day when we were practicing sight words with flashcards- yes, I know, BORING!!  Exactly!!  So, I said, "who wants to play a game today??"  Of course they all do, right??

OK- here are the rules... I have a stack of "sight words" (you will need quite a few and you can put in several of the same words if you want) and I quickly pass one to each student around the table.  They have to read the card quickly and then pass it back to me and I give them a new card.  I keep giving them a new card every time they throw one back into my pile.  The game goes very quick but they love it!!

Boy- is it hard on the teacher- they are SO FAST at reading those words I can hardly keep up with them.  I have also done this with CVC words and CCVC words.  

MAKE IT FUN!!  I need this reminder every now and then-  this "game" is pretty corny but when you hear the kids ask almost everyday- "are we going to play speed card today?", I say- let's do it!!


Roll A Strike Math Facts GIVE AWAY and Tax Break Sale!!

Teacher's Notebook has really created some great ideas to help get the teacher created materials out there to others!  They have just added many great features, if you haven't checked it out yet, you should.  One of those features is a way to have a giveaway and they do most of the work, how fun is that.  So, I thought I would try it and we will see how it goes.  FIVE lucky winners will win my Roll A Strike Math Facts pack.  It is 112 pages and has addition and subtraction math facts.  The students get to keep track of their progress and they love it!  Here are some pictures.  
Just a little sample of what you could win!! Click here to enter!!  Would love it if you would follow my shop.  This contest is only open for two days and will close on 4-17.  This item is also available on my TpT store.
Hope you had  great weekend!!
Also you can check out my TpT store for a TAX BREAK SALE on EVERYTHING!!


Spring Break and a FREEBIE!!

It has been a CRAZY week off- I'm ready to get back to my firsties and back to some normal days...  I went to Milwaukee, just me and the hubby.  Not really for a fun trip.  I had to go to see a doctor who specializes in Chiari Malformation, a brain malformation I was apparently born with, and I am just now having problems with... long story short- I am probably going to have to have surgery this summer to relieve some painful symptoms I am dealing with daily.  Anyway- if you happen to get to go to Milwaukee- you have to check out The Safe House.  Here is a You Tube Clip about it- What a fabulous time!!
Then we stayed at a little Irish Pub and Inn and this is what we woke up to the next morning...
Somebody broke the window, rummaged through the entire car, didn't take a thing (we even had a spare set of keys in the car).  So this is how we drove home for 5 and a 1/2 hours...
Had a very nice Easter with my family today and I hope everyone else did too!!! Here is a FREEBIE for you!!  I always have a few kids that really get to a point where they REALLY struggle with word attack skills and I have to find many many many different activities for them to practice in isolation as well as within text. Here is a game to allow them to practice blends, digraphs, short vowel sounds, and word families all while playing a game!!  They don't even realize how much they are learning!  Click on the picture to download the game.


Sight Word Linky Party and The Cutest Cakes EVER!!

So, I am going to be a new aunt again, and  again, and again- yep- that's three!  A set of twins (boy and a girl) and a boy!  We just had a baby shower for both of my sister-in-laws and look at these cakes!! They are soooo cute...
Sight Words
Let's do a sight word linky party!!  Teaching beginning readers, I really have to work on sight words with my kiddos.  I have to get them to recognize many sight words quickly in their reading.  I have a set of words that I use throughout the year with my first graders.  I created a Smartboard activity that introduces 7 new words each week.  There are 5 games each week that the kids can play to help reinforce these words and it is free!!  Here is the link to check it out.

Here are a couple of other sight word activities that I have created to help the kids throughout the year! 

To join the linky party, please use this linky picture.