Make It Fun!

I went to a conference yesterday about centers. Now, I don't run centers in my classroom because I am always working with only a small group of students. But, I love the different ideas that students can do in centers and many of them work very well in the my small groups. Just a little reminder to everyone that I was reminded yet again: if you want kids to learn and enjoy school then you need to make learning FUN!  I got some great ideas today that I hope to implement into my reading/math groups over the next couple of weeks (end of the year motivation!!) and I will share some of them with you in some later blog posts.  Here is an idea of 
something EASY that I made up this year and the kids beg me to play this "game" believe it or not.   

Are you ready??  Here it is, creatively named SPEED CARD.  I just came up with this on the top of my head one day when we were practicing sight words with flashcards- yes, I know, BORING!!  Exactly!!  So, I said, "who wants to play a game today??"  Of course they all do, right??

OK- here are the rules... I have a stack of "sight words" (you will need quite a few and you can put in several of the same words if you want) and I quickly pass one to each student around the table.  They have to read the card quickly and then pass it back to me and I give them a new card.  I keep giving them a new card every time they throw one back into my pile.  The game goes very quick but they love it!!

Boy- is it hard on the teacher- they are SO FAST at reading those words I can hardly keep up with them.  I have also done this with CVC words and CCVC words.  

MAKE IT FUN!!  I need this reminder every now and then-  this "game" is pretty corny but when you hear the kids ask almost everyday- "are we going to play speed card today?", I say- let's do it!!

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  1. Sometimes it's amazing what the kidlets absolutely love! But if they are having fun and we know that they are learning .... I am looking forward to seeing some of your new centers.
    I found you through TBTS and am your newest follower.

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