Sight Word Linky Party and The Cutest Cakes EVER!!

So, I am going to be a new aunt again, and  again, and again- yep- that's three!  A set of twins (boy and a girl) and a boy!  We just had a baby shower for both of my sister-in-laws and look at these cakes!! They are soooo cute...
Sight Words
Let's do a sight word linky party!!  Teaching beginning readers, I really have to work on sight words with my kiddos.  I have to get them to recognize many sight words quickly in their reading.  I have a set of words that I use throughout the year with my first graders.  I created a Smartboard activity that introduces 7 new words each week.  There are 5 games each week that the kids can play to help reinforce these words and it is free!!  Here is the link to check it out.

Here are a couple of other sight word activities that I have created to help the kids throughout the year! 

To join the linky party, please use this linky picture.

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