Word Stoppers Video

I thought I would take a video of some of my students playing the WORDSTOPPERS Game.  They get really excited when they are playing!!  I have teamed them up on two teams and they take turns rolling the dice. The dice has all of the vowels on it plus one side says ANY.  One person on each team rolls the die and they take turns.  Whatever vowel is rolled, they have to find a word that has that vowel in it and read the word.   I have used pennies and dimes and the "markers".  They have to get 5 in a row and they can also STOP the other team from getting their 5 in a row.  I didn't tape the whole thing - didn't want to bore you... but it gives you an idea of how the game is played and how into it they get!!
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You can download the game by clicking on the picture:)


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    1. Thanks Charity!! You are a great inspiration!