Kids write the craziest thing about their MOMS!!

I made up a Mother's Day book that has questions for the students to answer about their own mother.  I don't do this activity in my class but the other 1st grade teachers are using it now.  So, I had to go and read some of their answers yesterday and I was BELLY LAUGHING at some of the responses.  I copied a few of them to share...
"The difference between moms and dads is moms are girls, and dad have long beards."
"My mom married my dad because she loved my dad so much, and he was in love with her.  My dad thought my mom was budiful and pretty."
"Before mom married dad she needed to know dads family.  She also needed to know if they would have babys or not."

I love it- they are too cute!!
Here is a link to my Mother's Day book if you want to take a look.

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