Pumpkin Sound Boxes FREEBIE

I made some FREEBIE pumpkin sound boxes for you to use with your guided reading books.  Just laminate and use dry erase markers and you are set!!  You can grab them below- just click on the picture.

My students are working on short a words right now.  We are doing -at and -am words.  This is the first that we have done sound boxes this year so they are learning the routine but they always catch on quickly.  I tell them a word and we stretch it out together saying the words slowly.  Sometimes they put multiple letters in the same box.  I let them know that we are listening for all of the sound in the word and we write them together.  Here is a picture.  They love to do this during word work in our guided reading groups.

Here is a pumpkin life cycle book also.  It is $2.00 in my store.  I just love these tab books!!

AND, I am finally finished the Kindergarten Common Core Math Assessments.  I had such great feedback and people asking me to do Kindergarten that I just couldn't help myself:)  If you are interested you can check it out by clicking the picture below.