Scoop it up! Counting nickels and pennies

We do Everyday Math in our district and there is a game called Nickel/Penny Grab and yesterday I went to make copies so that the kids could play.  It is a very boring worksheet even though the kids enjoy playing the game.  So, I thought I would spice it up a little!!

I made a new game that is similar called Scoop it up!  The object is to get the kids counting money with nickels and pennies.  They work in pairs and get a bowl with nickels and pennies in it.  They also have a spoon so that they can scoop out the money.  Each child takes a scoop (when they get better, I will let them do two or three scoops).  They then separate their money into two groups (nickels and pennies).  They each add their own money and record it on the worksheet along with their partner's amount.  I tell them that their "ice cream cone" cost that amount of money.  Then I have them either circle the most expensive or least expensive cone.  I have this game here for you as a freebie!!  I hope you enjoy it.  Please leave me some feedback and become a follower on my blog and TpT store for more freebies in the future!
Click on the picture to go and SCOOP IT UP!!

I got the bowls and spoons at the dollar tree over the summer- you get 2 for a dollar!  Or you can always use plastic:)

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