I have finally finished my short vowel literacy centers!!  Yippee!!
Here is my Short U Buzzing Bee Word Sort for you!  It's a FREEBIE!!  Click on the picture below.
I also have all 5 Short Vowel Literacy Centers bundled together for only $6.00.  It's like buying three and getting two for free!

Here are some pictures of one way I practice sight words in my classroom.  When the students come into the room they have to say the "secret password" by touching the hand.

Then, I made a cute "safari" themed mat for the ground where the students have to step on the pictures and read the words!  (I just laminate the paper and use a vis-a-vis marker to write on it.  The vis-a-vis marker comes off with water or marker board cleaner).

Kids love it!!

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