TAB Books and Surgery...UGGHH!

What would you do to get out of school early??  Well, I am done for the school year on Friday May 18th... but only because I am having brain surgery on the 22nd.  Sounds like fun, right??  UGGHH, not looking forward to it!
Thought I would post one more FREEBIE before the school year is out- but I do have a favor...
TAB books can be used for many, many things and I want to hear your ideas because I want to make more.
The books can have either 2,3,4 or 5 tabs so our possibilities are endless.  The freebie here has three tabs for students to write the beginning, middle, and end of a book.
Click on the picture to download.

Here is a sample of one I did with my students.  We just read a bunch of Fly Guy books written by Tedd Arnold.  The kids just LOVE these books and they are perfect for the end of first grade.  All of the Fly Guy books have three "chapters".  We read each chapter to find the main idea of each so that we could summarize it in our book.

After doing this activity I decided to add more lines to give the students more space to write because we were running out of room so they are a little different than the pictures!  
OKAY- if you have an idea for a TAB book, then post it in the comments below, I'm anxious to make some more!!
Here are some I already have in mind:
- Characters, setting, problem, solution
- Phases of the Moon
- Life Cycles of different animals
-How to books
-The four seasons
These are just a few- I would love to hear some more suggestions!!
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