Happy New Year and a FREEBIE!!

I have been truly enjoying my Christmas vacation!!  In fact, I feel like I should be getting a lot more school stuff done but- I haven't.  Instead, I've been cleaning out bedrooms, closets, cupboards- I would much rather be working on school stuff!!  I does feel good to get some things cleaned out!
Before Christmas, I finished up my latest creation.  I was having a hard time finding FUN activities to help teach time to the hour and half hour.  The kiddos that I am working with are the ones who didn't quite catch on to it the first time around- so here I am- I get to find out HOW I can get them to understand this crazy concept of time.  We did several of the activities before break.  Most of the kids were finally catching on (oh, I really hope they still have it when we return on Thursday...)  I am planning on doing a post that shows the activities in action because they were a lot of fun but I don't have all of the pictures etc. on the computer that I have right now- so, hopefully within the next week I will get to that...  You can check out the preview on TpT to see the fun activities.  My favorite activities were the Fairy Tales of Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs, and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  These are books (written for about mid year first grade) and the students have to match the times that everything happened in the story.  Here are a couple of pictures that I do have...

  You can check it out by clicking HERE.
NEW- I have a blog post that tells more about my time unit.  Click on the picture to check it out.

And to start the NEW YEAR off right... Here is a FREEBIE for you!!  It has three different graphing activities for 3 categories.  Click on the picture to download.

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Have a great NEW YEAR!!


Parent Tips and Trick #7 and Tumble Books

Have you heard of Tumble Books?  We have them through our public library.  You can find them online through our library site and play them on the computer or put them up on the smart board for the kids to listen to.  We watched Olive, the Other Reindeer today.  Come and check it out!

Click on the picture to have it take you there!  This is the library website.  Go to the bottom of the page and click on Tumble Books- then you can search for Olive, the Other Reindeer or any other books you want!!  (I couldn't link directly to the book- sorry).

I have finished my  latest Parent Tips and Tricks newsletter.  There are 7 so far- more to come throughout the year.  Click on the picture to download them all.  And subscribe to my blog via e-mail so you know when I have new ones because I always post them on my blog.


My Heart Breaks... and what do we tell the kids?

I am joining in the day of silence for the children and adults killed in Connecticut.  I cannot even imagine as a teacher or a parent what those families are feeling right now.  My prayers go out them...
I ran across this post that I thought was good if you aren't sure what to say to your own children or to the children in your classroom.
What do I tell the kids?