Product Swap Time!

I am joining Jessica over at Mrs. Stanford's Class in her product swap!  I was paired up with Deborah over at The Paper Maid.  You need to stop by her blog and give her some love- she has some great posts over there that you don't want to miss!

The Paper Maid
I asked her to send me her Arctic Winter pack.  I knew I wanted to get into some non-fiction research and writing with my firsties and that they would love learning about different Arctic Animals!  I was right!  They loved diving into some research on the internet!

Here is a preview of some of the activities in this mega pack!

Let me give a little more information about this packet of goodies before showing you what we did...

First off, there are 148 pages in this packet!  Here is a list of what is included:

7 x Walrus notetaking pages.
7 x Fox notetaking pages.
7 x Seal notetaking pages.
7 x Polar Bear notetaking pages.
7 x Whale notetaking pages.
7 x Penguin notetaking pages.
7 x Caribou notetaking pages.
7 x Rabbits notetaking pages.
2 x Accordion books ( with instructions )
1 x Write beginning sounds
1 x Write ending sounds
1 x Write a noun for...
1 x Write a verb for...
1 x Write a pronoun for...
1 x Write an adjective for...
1 x How many syllables? ( Color the correct syllable, and then color the pictures )
Inside Outside craft and game pieces – color or black and white ( antonyms )
2 x Vocabulary cut and pastes
3 x Compare and Contrast ( What is the same, what is different )
Who eats fish? ( Cut and paste )
2 x different ABC Order ( Two different lists )
5 x Label the animal ( walrus, whale, caribou, eskimo, polar bear )
3 x Days of the Week ( Three sets for Days of the Week sequencing centers )
2 x Months of the Year ( Two sets for Months of the Year sequencing centers )
9 x Tracing Numerals ( numbers 1 - 9 )
4 x Skip counting puzzles ( 2s, 3s, 5s, 10s )
30 x Various writing papers

These activities are appropriate for K-2 students and there are a lot of different activities.  Since I teaching reading in small groups, I don't have a TON of time to work on writing skills.  Most of what we do is reading involved but I really wanted to get into some writing!  So, I made each student their own writing book that we could use to research and write about different arctic animals.  

We researched four different animals (there are more to choose from).  We did walrus, seal, polar bear, and penguin.
I used the website to find kid friendly research.
Then we wrote about where each animal lives, what their body looks like, and what they eat.  We recorded these on very cute and fun paper that Deborah made for each animal.

When we were finished researching the animals, we wrote a little more extensively about the penguin (that was their favorite!)  I used the SMART board to help guide them in their writing.

There are MANY MANY activities that you can do with this packet!  I did not use many of the other materials in this pack (only because they didn't fit into what we were learning about at the time).  I will definitely use some of the other activities in the future.  You don't want to miss out on this mega pack!  It is only $4.50 in her store and well worth it!  You can click on the picture to take you to her store and snag it up!

I am so excited that I got to get involved in this product swap!!

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  1. As a reading specialist, I know what you mean about writing. I try to incorporate it at least once a week because it is linked to reading success. This looks like a great product!

    Reading Toward the Stars