What must go and what must stay??

So, I am doing the Clutter Free Classroom Project and we are in week #2.  I took my pictures... you can check them out here if you really want too...  Now, I have to decide what my plan of action is going to be to get rid of the "clutter".  I definitely have my problem areas that I want to tackle (the drawers that are just full of "stuff" is probably #1 on my list) but I also have a problem- maybe you can give me some advice????  Please... I'm begging you???
I have TONS of books.  Right now, I teach Title I reading/math.  I have been doing that for the past 9 years.     I do not need all of these books because they just don't "fit" in with what I am doing right now.  However, I don't know what the future will hold.  I don't know if I will someday end up back with my own classroom... so, I don't want to get rid of my several cupboards full of books because I may need them (not to mention I have bought most of them with my own money).  
So, here is my thought process...
*I have lots of books that I don't use.
* I may need them someday if I were to teach in the regular classroom again.
* I have the space to keep them at school- I'm not in need of extra room.
*My husband would probably have a fit if I brought them home.
So here is my question to you- what would you do?? Keep them? Give them away?  I would love to know what you think.  Here are some pictures...

My Plan:
First, I need to go through a few drawers of wonderful products that I have downloaded off of TpT.  I need to decide what I really want to keep and will use and what I don't think I will use.  I do have a plan of how I want to store them ( I will talk about that in a later post).  I have found something that works for me, it just takes time to get it organized.
Second, I REALLY need to decide what to do with all of these books that I am not currently using.


  1. I had that same issue when I moved out of the classroom two years ago. I pulled the books I love or that my son may eventually like and all of my picture books. I then house them on one set of shelves in my closet. This way they are right where I can find them. Now I need to sort them by author or something.

    I let several different teachers use the books "on loan" until I might need them again. Many of those books were books I did not care about.

    I say if you have room, keep them. I wasn't able to do that, so I let others use them. But, if they are not great or outdated, pass them on to teachers or students. Every student needs good books to read.

    Hope that helps!
    Reading Toward the Stars

  2. Keep your books you never know what the future will bring and you have the space to store them. I'm going through my books in storage right now (I stored all my books that did not have AR quizzes a few years ago). I am taking a stack at a time and sorting them by theme, season, subject etc. and creating a stack to give away. I am a "recovering book-hoarder" ;) so I'm keeping only those books that I love or that I think have educational value. All of the too simple books or books that I have "just to have a book" for a child will be gone. (Does that make sense? lol) I'm still keeping the rest in storage but I intend to bring them out in a special basket at appropriate times as I want my kids to read from my AR leveled library and take quizzes.

  3. Jennie,first I love you blog design its so eye catching! Second, I have book issues too. I dont have as many books as you though, but would love to start getting them organized and level. I loev how your # 1 clutter is drawer full of stuff, I think all teacher have to many of those drawers, lol.

    Happy cleaning,

  4. Thanks everyone! These are GREAT ideas- I'm thinking I can go through and keep my favorites or ones that would be of educational value down the road if needed. I know that I do have many old, outdated books that I would probably never use anyway so maybe I could use them as "prizes" for the kids or just let them take some home! Thanks so much for the advice:)

  5. So hard not to hoard books! I think as long as you go through them and purge any you don't really want or need, you're fine to keep them! Maybe you could even organize them and let teachers "check them out" :) To return, of course! I know that I borrow resources from our Title 1 room all the time!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  6. I think using the books as prizes is a great idea... the kids will be thrilled to take home a piece of your un-used library!!
    Karen :o)
    Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten