Beginning Writers Checklist

Next week, we are starting to group our first graders to work on different writing skills.
We have about 100 first grade students, five classroom teachers, and me.  We are grouping them according to ability level- high, medium, and low.
I will be working with one of the other first grade teachers and we are going to be co-teaching together and working with the lowest writers.  I'm not sure how many yet... I'm a little worried... lol.
I absolutely LOVE to teach writing and I don't get to do it very often- so I am very excited!!  Many of the kiddos in that group are ones that I am already working with in reading and/or math.
We are going right back to the basics- handwriting is generally awful not good.  We need to work on writing a basic complete sentence with of course all of the mechanics.
I wanted a visual to help us get started- this is what I came up with...

You can click on the picture to download:)
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Wish me luck, I will keep you posted as to how our writing group is going- maybe I will take some pictures to share!

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  1. This is a great idea for young writers (older ones too sometimes lol). I am a teaching and learning coach and work with teachers K-5. Our district has started Balanced Literacy and is diving into writing more deeply this semester. I love finding great ideas to help students think about their writing and become more independent. :)
    Antoinette (Your newest follower) :)