FREE way to merge two PDF files, Dr. Seuss Nails, and great FREE educational apps!

Just wanted to pop in share a few things today:
First off, look at my nails!  I found something similar to this on Pinterest and just couldn't resist.  I took a picture to my nail girl Shannon and she took on the challenge.  What fun for Dr. Seuss's birthday coming up.

These pictures didn't turn out as great as I had hoped- but I have Thing 1 on one hand and Thing 2 on the other.  Then, on my ring finger is the "hat".

On a totally different note- I am not the most technologically advanced person but I did figure out how to do something yesterday.  I was working on my March Activities and I ended up wanting to just add my Easter Activities into the same unit that I had created last year.  BUT, I had a problem... when I made my March Activities, I made them landscape and when I made my Easter Activities I made them vertical.  In Powerpoint (which is what I use to create my items) you cannot have both vertical and landscape pages.  I knew that I could merge the files using Acrobat Reader so I wasn't too worried and I knew I would eventually figure it out.  Well, when I was finished making and updating everything I opened Acrobat Reader and there was no merging available!  Guess what, it costs $89 per year to have this upgrade.  I was in a panic, because after spending three days and many many hours working on it, I really wasn't sure what to do.  So of course the next step is Google.   Here is what I found, for free, and VERY easy.  

At the top, there is a download button.  I downloaded it and then was able to attach my two files.  They were merged together as a new PDF.  Yay!  It was easy!

Here are the March Activities if you want to check them out!

One more thing to share... I ran across this blog post that has some really great free educational apps.  I'm going to have to check out a lot of these!