Read Across America Dr. Seuss kickoff!

Our "Special Events Committee" has planned some awesome fun events for Read Across America Week.  I am not on this committee and can take no credit for all of the great ideas that they have come up with for the week ahead!
We had a "kickoff" assembly this afternoon.  The students got to make their own Dr. Seuss Hats, sing a song, and watch a few fun games with the students and the staff.  Here are a couple of pictures of decorations that they put in the hallway.  Cute aren't they?

Our principal dressed up the The Cat in the Hat and the kids loved it.  There was a game where two teams were picked and the students had a relay race.  The object was to get the goldfish crackers into a small mason jar the fastest.  They could only use a spoon and had to pass it on to the next person.  The gym was filled with all sorts of chanting for the two different teams.

The best was the Fox in Socks game that was with the staff.  I took video but they would probably kill me if I posted it on here (lol).  One teacher from every grade level was picked to participate.  They each had to put on a pair of long socks with them hanging off of their feet slightly.  They had to crawl around and try to get each others socks off of their feet.  This was a riot.  I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.  They were fighting and battling with each other trying to pull off each others socks until there was only one person left with a sock on!  We have some very competitive teachers so it was a blast to watch!  (they did put out mats on the gym floor so they didn't hurt themselves:)

Here's a group shot of the kids in the gym.

After the assembly, the kids went back to their classrooms and enjoyed a birthday cake to celebrate Dr. Seuss's Birthday!  I will add to this post next week- as there are many other fun things planned!
On Monday- we are wearing silly socks!  I need to find some...

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