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Teacher Appreciation Week may be coming to an end, but the celebration isn't over yet!  Teaching Blog Roundup is teaming up with 20 of the best blogs to host this Teacher Appreciation FREEBIES Roundup blog hop.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!  I would like to show my appreciation with some end of the year tips and a couple freebies for you.

It is so CRAZY the it is nearing the end of the school year- (not that the kids are crazy or anything...) it just doesn't seem like it can be...  we have only 12 more student days.

As we wind down, I thought I would share some tips that may (or may not) be useful to you!

1.  Go outside and let them play all day.  (OK- don't do that, you may lose your job!)  But, you could give extra incentives for some extra recess time to help keep them from running all around the room calm for the remainder of the school year.  Don't ever under estimate bribery!

2.  When I was teaching in the "regular classroom," I would always have the students write a letter to their next year's teacher.  Even though they didn't know who their teacher was going to be, they could tell a little about themselves.  I would have them write about their families, what they like/dislike about school, and something that they wanted their teacher to know about them (interests etc.).  This is a great way for the teachers to learn a little about the students before meeting them AND it provides a writing sample:)  Here are some writing papers for you to use if you want:)

OR you can download it through Google.

3.  ALL KIDS ARE JUST AS EXCITED FOR SCHOOL TO END (as we are).  Truth is, this is NOT true.  Many kids are ready to be done with school and enjoy the summer.  But, there are also many that really love school and don't want it end.  Have a talk with your kids about what to expect for the summer months.  Let them know that it is okay to be excited about summer and it is also okay to feel a little sad that school is going to be out.  Some kids also get nervous about change (don't we all) and aren't sure what to expect at the next grade level.  Talk a little bit about the teachers that they will have next year.  Maybe you can even take a little "tour" to their classrooms and introduce them to the teachers.  This may help with some anxiety issues.

4.  Lastly, we want them to have some memories from the year.  I don't know about you, but I pretty much remember NOTHING about Kindergarten, First, or Second Grade.  I know, as a teacher, we think they will remember us forever.  I'm sure most won't, but if we can provide them with some proof that we were with them for 180 days of their lives- lets do it!  I whipped up a little memory book.  It isn't anything too fancy. It is simple and will provide them with some memories.  The book has covers for Kindergarten, First, and Second.  Click on the picture to download it on TpT!

OR, you can download it here through Google.

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