Summertime planting!

So, yesterday I put my kids and the neighbor girls to work!  I went and bought some flowers for the JB&G (Johnson Bar and Grill) as we call it here at the house.  It is only the outside deck but it's fun and it works!  In fact, we are actually considered a "business" on Facebook because we have had so many people "check in" over the past few years.  How funny is that??  Here are some pics of them hard at work...

And some pictures of the finished product.  This is my place to "work" during the summer months!  I love sitting outside and working.  In fact, that is exactly where I am right now:)  I know... I'm crazy...

AND- here is my JB&G sign that my girlfriends had made for me for my birthday a couple of years ago!  I LOVE it!

Then I took them for ice cream.  Work gets done a lot faster when there is bribery involved...


  1. I want a deck! My parents have one and a big table with an umbrella and I love sitting out there. I'm not too into the heat of summer but something about a breeze and that umbrella are heavenly.

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