What do you do? Week 2 Behavior Management

So I have to admit, one of the biggest SCARES I am having with going back to entertaining 20 kids (rather than 3 or 4) is behavior management.  I really want to have a plan that will be successful for both me and the students.  I have been thinking about what I want my plan to be... Right now, I have two options in mind and would love your feedback and ideas and I am completely open to other suggestions.

#1- Class Dojo.  I love that this behavior management system is online and you can print reports for parents.  Has anyone used this?  What are the pros and cons?- I would love to hear more about it.  If you haven't heard of Class Dojo- here is the website. Class Dojo

#2- Classroom Behavior Chart-  I really like the charts that allow students to move up for good behavior.  Here is a sample of one:

This chart is from Kindergarten Smiles.  Check it out- she tells exactly how she uses her chart:)  Again, I would love to hear pros and cons of this system.

I also like the ideas of having different rewards with the behavior charts.  Lindsay Griffith has a new behavior management packet on TpT that looks great.  I may need to get it- Click on the picture to check it out.

(Sorry this picture is blurry.  I got it off of TpT and couldn't get it clear...)

If you have a blog post about behavior, please link up below!  I would love to read it:)


  1. Most of us in my school are using the 2nd option shown - behavior chart that you can move up and down on. It has really healped with the hard to reach kids.

  2. I used both options last year began with the clip chart, but switched to Class Dojo around January. I liked Class Dojo better because it caused less disruption and the sound effects also signaled to students who were off task that I was paying attention. I would suggest you are diligent with making sure parents accept the email invitation and set up their own accounts so they may monitor the students behavior on their own time and receive the weekly email reports. The email option of sharing behavior reports helps to save paper and feeds into a conservation theme.