What Do You Do? Week 3 Classroom Jobs

I'm  a little behind on my posting lately but have a new question for you today.  I have been thinking about classroom jobs.  I would love to hear what works for you.  Some questions I am interested in knowing...

1.  How many jobs do you do?
2.  What are your favorites?
3.  How do you rotate them and keep track?

I would love for you to link up a blog post or Pinterest ideas or just share in the comments below:)

I had a fabulous vacation to Punta Cana with 6 of our friends.  My hubby was sick for a couple of days but other than that it was fabulous.  We stayed at an adult only resort and the staff there was amazing!
Here are some pictures from our stay:

Tim and I

We went shopping at K-mart, Wal-mart, Target, Home Depot, and Sears... lol.

View at the pool.

The girls.

Our group!

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