Daily 5 - Day 2

Day 1 went so well with Read to Self,  I was kind of scared of Day 2... 

Day 2- in a nutshell...

We reviewed Day 1- 
2 ways to read a book: Read the pictures or Read the words.  I really thought they would know this right off the bat but we were back to answers such as "read quietly, stay in one spot... etc."
I really wanted to say... "I'm not ready for that part yet, that will be the answer to my next question." But I didn't... we finally figured it out.

And then,
when I told them that there was one more way we could read our books, I saw some really surprised faces.  It was like, "what, really?  how can there be any more ways to read a book?"  Then I told them. We can also retell a story that we have heard before.  So, then I modeled retelling a book that I had read the day before.  The one that I read to both my class and my co-teacher's class as she attended to the child that dislocated his elbow at recess.  (Yes, we are sometimes health care workers too...).

Here is the poster that I downloaded from Lyndsey from A Year of Many Firsts.

Then we reviewed the I chart from yesterday... all five rules and we again talked about stamina.  Not one of them remembered that strange word... maybe after a week or so we will get it, or maybe not, we will see:)

Then, we (very quietly and carefully) watched each table get their browsing box and find a spot and begin reading our books right away.

***Side note:  Since we don't have many books in their browsing boxes yet, I took their end of year kindergarten guided reading level and put two books into each students box.  These books are two levels behind where they were instructionally at the end of kindergarten.  So, if a student was reading at a level F last spring, I gave them two level D books.  I wanted them to be mostly independent reading books for them.

We practiced reading today for 4 minutes and we made it.  Toward the end I had one student trying to ask another what one of the words in her book was.  I was happy that she was engaged in the reading but I had to reinforce how important it is that we are reading on our own during this time.  I made this comment without anyone knowing who I was talking about when we came back as a group to talk about how it went.

My plan is to try 6 minutes tomorrow.  The 2 Sisters of Daily 5 suggest that you start to add 2-3 minutes a day to build stamina.  I don't know if we will make it that long but that is my goal for tomorrow!

Wish me luck!

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