Open House Ideas!

Hi everyone!  I am getting ready for Open House.  We do ours two days before school starts.  It's nice because the students can bring their supplies before the first day of school:)

I wrote a post about some "gift bags" and Welcome Poem that I am using.  I do not know who originally created the poem or I would give them credit (so if you know, just send me a message).  I just made different backgrounds to go with it.  Here is a picture:)  This one has my zebra background.  I made four other backgrounds with it also.

You can go and check out my post and pick up this FREEBIE over at Teaching Blog Round Up.

Also, I have a little secret to share- I ordered some magnets through Vista Print that has my contact information on it.  I am going to give these to the parents at Open House so they can have my contact information readily available.  Here's the secret- I bought a set for my teaching partner too as a back to school gift... shhh... don't tell her:)  She is on vacation right now so I am hoping she doesn't see this post!

One other thing that I am going to do is have a piece of letterhead on each students desk.  The parents write their child a short letter and put it into their mailbox so they have some mail on the first day of school!

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