Rules and Routines

I have just realized that I do not know how all of you awesome bloggers post during the first week of school!
I am whooped!  The thing is- it's not because of the kids!  I have enjoyed every minute with the kids.  I hate to speak too soon- but my class (overall) has been great!  Now remember, it's been 10 years since I have taught in the regular classroom.  I am not used to collecting paperwork, box tops, and knowing where Johnny is going after school let alone all of the State requirements and new Common Core Standards...

I have been really wanting to post throughout the week but I have been coming home and working for another few hours.  I know I am preaching to the choir here- because we all do it!

So, here I am, on a Friday night (it's about 9:00pm) and I just finished my newsletter for next week, my behavior plan that needs to go home on Monday, and our 1st Grade Math Assessment for our SLO's (in Ohio).  

Anyway, I hope (maybe)  I can help some of you out there that haven't been back to school yet.  I have been establishing some rules throughout the week.  The kids have really been great with learning them.  I thought I would share some of the products that I have purchased to help me in my classroom.

First up:  Back to School for First Graders! by Lyndsey Kuster

This packet is AMAZING!  Lyndsey establishes classroom rules using a read aloud book.  The students learn about First Grade Friends in four different ways:

Responsible Ryan
Ready to Learn Robert
Respectful Rachel
Really Safe Rita

There are many activities to go along with learning these rules.  Lyndsey also has some activities that go along with David Goes to School book by David Shannon that help the students learn good/bad choices.

I am also incorporating Hand Signals in my classroom this year.  Funny thing is, I hadn't even introduced them yet and students were using them (because I already had them on the wall).  I am loving it!  This is the packet that I purchased on TpT.

(Sorry, this picture is really blurry... I couldn't get a clear one.)

Ok... I am going to bed!  I have a ton of things that I would love to share with everyone.  I will try to find the time:)


  1. I have the same pack--it helped me this week.
    I'm POOPED too! I can barely keep my eyes open---caffeine can't even help me. LOL

    Hang in there chic--we are in this new LOVELY Ohio thing together!!

    First Grade and Fabulous

  2. Thanks DeAnne! It's going to be a great but long year:)