Read to Someone- Daily 5 Days 2 and 3

We have been plugging away at learning the procedures of Daily 5.  I feel like we are going at a snails pace, but I also know how important it is to practice, and practice right.

Day 2 of Read to Someone

We reviewed our "I chart" that we made as a class.  

We then introduced two new ways to read.
"I Read, You Read"
"Read Two Different Books"

"I Read, You Read" is when both partners are reading the same book and they basically "echo" read.  The more fluent reader is supposed to read one page and then the partner reads the same page.  Then partner one reads page two, partner two reads page two... and so on.  This is a good way to work on reading fluently.

"Read Two Different Books"  is when partner one reads one page from their book (at their level) and then partner two reads one page from a different book (at their level).  They continue to read this way going back and forth.  **Note:  personally, I don't know how much I really like this type of reading.  Sometimes it is difficult enough for students to follow a single story and comprehend, let alone two different stories.  With that said, I am trusting the expertise of The Sisters and trying it.  I figure, if I don't like it, then it just won't be a choice anymore.  So far, it has been OK from what I have been able to observe.

We are definitely going to have to continue to practice these types of reading.  It has been somewhat difficult for my Firsties to understand exactly what they are supposed to do.  Practice, practice, practice.

Day 3 of Read to Someone

"Let's Make a Deal"- that's what we talked about today... 

I asked them... 
"What happens when you and your partner just cannot agree on what you want to read for the day and how you want to read it?"

I told them that they have to "Make a Deal" and I encouraged some of the students who always think they have to go first to be the one to say... "Why don't you go first today."

We practiced all of the ways to Read to Someone...

Check for Understanding
I Read, You Read
Read Two Different Books
(I let them choose)

And then, I even heard a few students say "Let's Make a Deal" (in their whisper voices of course) so at least a couple were listening:)

Are you doing Daily 5?  I would love to hear how it is going:) 

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