Read to Someone- Daily 5

We have been working on our stamina for Read to Self.  We are up to 8 minutes.  They are really doing a great job with it!

So, I introduced Read to Someone on Friday.

This is what I did...

 I introduced to them that we would now be learning how to read with someone else.  I told them the story about my friend Amanda who is horribly afraid of spiders and when she sees a spider, she yells EEKK!  I showed them how EEKK will help us read together.  I then used the EEKK poem to help them know how to sit while they are reading with a partner.

Here is a link to the one that I used.

I then had two students model how to sit EEKK.

We then looked at our I chart from Read to Self to see what we would keep the same for Read to Someone.  We had 5 things for the students to be doing.

1. Sit EEKK!
2.  Get started right away.
3.  Read the whole time.
4. Stay in one spot.
5.  Read softly.
6.  Work on stamina.

I had a student model how to use a soft voice and it really wasn't that soft when she did it so we all practiced whispering.  I don't know why, but this can be a very difficult skill.  I would whisper a sentence and then they would whisper it back to me.  

Then, I had a student read a few sentences out of a book to model a whisper voice.  Their partner could hear them but nobody else could.  

Then we learned about Mr. Check In.  I am having the students use it when they finish the entire book. The "listener" is to tell WHO and WHAT the book was about.  Click on the picture to get Mr. Check In.

It took us forever to model today but I know it was a really important part of learning how to read to someone.

Then, we ALL practiced- for 5 minutes.  They did pretty well.  For today, I had the students take turns reading a whole book.  Then, they would use Mr. Check In to check for understanding.  We will practice again on Monday and learn a new way to read to someone!

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