Zero the Hero Appears on day 10!

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Zero the Hero!  He arrived in our classroom before school yesterday on the 10th day of school.

One of my co-teachers has had Zero the Hero visit her classroom for a few years now and I decided I wanted to join in on the fun.

So, he flew in and left us all a little treat.

He left us a note letting us know that he would be visiting our classroom every ten days.  We will learn about the numbers that end with a zero, read some books, and play some games.  And he will leave us a special treat in the shape of a zero every 10 days that he visits our classroom.  Yesterday, he left Fruit Loops.

We played a game to see who would be the Zero the Hero of our class and get to wear the Zero the Hero jersey that he left for us.
We stood in a circle and counted backwards from 10 one at a time.  The student that ended up at zero sits down.  Then we do it again- count backward from ten one at a time and whoever ends up with zero sits down- and on and on and on...  We continue around the circle until there is only one child left standing.  They become Zero the Hero for the day and get to wear the  special jersey!  Here is our hero!

Zero the Hero also left us a book to read and a math paper to do during math time.  We learned about the number 10!

We had a great day with all of the goodies that Zero the Hero left us.  Most of the activities came from a packet I purchased by Kreative in Kinder-  Click here to buy the packet:)

I also have some ideas of my own that I would love to create... it's just trying to find the time!  Maybe some day:)

I can't wait to see what he will bring us on day 20!

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  1. Love the Zero the Hero of the day idea! Might have to get that ready for the 20th day of school! Thanks for sharing!