Integrating Science and Writing the Snowman Way!

Where do I start?  

I have been so caught up in this switch back to the regular First Grade classroom that I have been awful about taking pictures of the fun things that we have been doing in First Grade.  You know what happens then??? Yep- you guessed it- then I don't blog about it because I don't have any pictures.  And if you are anything like me- you NEED those pictures!

I have an idea!  I think I should hire a professional photographer to join my class- that would be fun right? He/she could just take pictures all day long?  OK- I really think I would rather have an extra set of teacher hands to help with academics but that will never happen… so let's move on…

I REMEMBERED to take pictures today!  Woot Woot!

Our project is only beginning but I am going to try (I mean REALLY try) to continue to take pictures the next couple of days.  

(Here is my disclaimer:  You may never know how this entire lesson turns out because I may forget to take pictures…)

We are working on How To Books during Writing Workshop.  We wrote one before Christmas about How To Decorate a Christmas Tree- but of course, I didn't take pictures so I could not show you what we did.  Since we have done one of these books already, these lessons SHOULD go a little faster.  

Everyone wants to know how to build a snowman right?  We got enough snow last week to build many, many snowmen!  

During the kids recess today (they were inside because it was too cold to go out), I bundled up and went into the deep dark trenches of snow.  Ok, really there isn't much left from last week but an inch or so but we can pretend.  My plan was to QUICKLY make two small snowmen and put them into two clear containers.  Well, I tried and tried and the snow was like dust- there was no making a snowman today.  

Outside- that is- I put some snow in the containers and kept it out of the view of MOST of my Firsties (except for the one that just had to know where I was and what I was doing:)

So, just outside of the classroom I froze my hands (about 10 times) building a couple of small snowmen.  Kelly (she's my teaching partner), better love me for this one because it was cold!  (I'm going to send this link to you Kelly!)  

Here's a couple of pics (that I remembered to take):

Here they are mostly finished:

Maybe I should tell you our goal with this lesson? I wasn't just going out and playing in the snow... 

We are integrating (that's what the big dog's want right?) our writing and our science unit this week.  

I built this snowman to help us get ideas for our book BUT we are also observing very closely what our snowman does throughout our writing and science time today.

WRITING:  In our book, we just started the front cover page of How To Build a Snowman and our introduction.  We will be continuing tomorrow with our materials and steps.  

SCIENCE:  We are studying solids, liquids, and gases (that Kelly is REALLY good at teaching by the way!).  So, we are also observing our poor little snowman withering away to nothing… 

Here are some of the pictures that I took as he was melting.

"I lost my nose and arms!" said the little snowman.

"And my eye!"

"I've fallen and I can't get up!"

Ok- you get the idea… Our poor snowman is melting and will be gone by morning.  

I do know- that he will help us to write our books (and hopefully get out into more snow) to build our own snowman.  AND maybe, just maybe- the kids will understand the difference of him being a solid and a liquid (because this is a pretty tricky concept it seems).  

Anyway,  I am done for today… if you are in any way interested in seeing what happens (and made it to this part of the post)- leave me a message and remind me to take pictures:)  

I will try- I will really, really, try!

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