Take Home Math Kits Review

I had a fellow teacher/blogger ask for some other teachers to review a product that she has made.  When I saw that it was having students practice Common Core Math Activities as homework, I was in:)  I don't really like how our math homework is set up right now so I thought I would give it a try.

The product is called Take Home Math Kits and is made by Casey Williamson from Second Grade Math Maniac.  It has 30 different games that the kids can play for homework.  The product is geared towards 1st and 2nd grade.

I like that the activities are aligned to the Common Core.  She outlines the standards that are met with each game.

Also, there are a parent letters and sign out sheets included to help you keep track of when students have taken home each activity.

So, since it is close to the end of the year and my homework policies are already in place, I have used these math games in a different way in my classroom.  I will be trying these as homework next year.

First, we have used some of the games as "centers" to practice skills that have already been taught.  One game was called Balloon Cover Up.  The students have to spin two spinners and cover up the sum.  Each player has their own board and the first person to cover up their balloons wins.

The kids had a fun time with this game.  There is also a worksheet to go along with it that they can fill out.

We also played Buggy Bump.  The kids had to roll three dice and add up the sum.  They put their marker on the sum.  When they get the same sum twice, they get to lock it in place with two markers.  If a partner has a marker on a number and the other partner gets that number, they can "bump" them off of the spot and replace it with their own marker.

As I think about next year, I will REALLY like using this because there are definitely many different skill levels included.  Some of my first graders couldn't handle some of the activities that were at a second grade level but these are awesome for my higher kids.  I will be able to send home activities that are appropriate for each child.

If you would like to check out these Take Home Math Kits, you can click on any of the pictures above.      I was not paid for this review.  Casey did send me the Take Home Math Kit and asked for an honest review.  You definitely will not be disappointed with this product!

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