Wordless Wednesday Answer to "What "died" only 5 days later??"

Well, if you saw my post yesterday, I linked up with Christina from Sugar and Spice with the first week of Wordless Wednesday.  I posted a picture of our new living room furniture and asked you to guess what decided to "die" only 5 days later.  (You know, because that's just how it always works right?)

So, AMANDA, you were the first one to guess correctly….

Here it is, our dorm fridge that we have to use for 3 weeks until we get our new one… it really makes me appreciate the fridge a little more when I don't have one.

Amanda… I sent you a message on your blog!  Send me an e-mail and let me know what you would like from my store:)


  1. What a bummer! Where did you store everything that was in your freezer, etc.? My solution to the small storage problem until you get your new one is to EAT OUT!
    Sending smiles!

    1. We do have another one in the basement and we were able to save most of the food so it is down there for now. We have been doing a lot of eating out because I'm too lazy to keep going up and down the stairs!