End of the year Final Countdown!

5 more days… that is what we have.  I am jealous of those that are already done but wanted to share a FREEBIE with those that still have many more days. 

I thought I would surprise the other first grade teachers that I work with.  I made myself (and each of them) 5 envelopes to count down the last 5 days.  They have no idea what is in each envelope so it will be a surprise to them as well as the kids when they open them up each day.

They include fun activities for the end of the year.  The activities I chose to include in our envelops are: Read a good book outside, chew gum in class, shoe break (no shoes all day), dance party, and start your behavior clip at the top!

There are 10 choices included in this product and a couple of blank cards so that  you can write your own ideas in if you want.

We will open envelope number 5 today and work our way down!  Click on the pictures to download this FREEBIE!  And, happy end of the year (to everyone who is there/or almost there)!


Wordless Wednesday- What's your countdown?

I am linking up with Christina over at Sugar and Spice for another Wordless Wednesday.

I forgot to take a picture of this in my classroom so this will have to do!  How many days do you have left?  You can download this freebie sign by clicking on the picture!  Just laminate and use a dry erase marker to change the number of days!


Our Mother's Day Project

We worked REALLY hard today on our Mother's Day Gifts.  Have you seen the very cute E-SPA-cially for Mom project that the kids can make from Christy and Tammy over at Fluttering Through First Grade?  The kids loved it!  Here are some pictures…

We also made the Bath Salts to go with them.  I just bought the bath salts that were already scented and the Baking Soda and didn't mess with having to add the scented stuff.  I may have been a little loopy after the fumes from the salts but it was all good:)- Just kidding...

We put the mixture into the jars and we even wrote our own little poem together.  I typed it up and put it onto labels to put on the jars.  This is what we came up with-

I want you to lay down, 
enjoy, and soak in.
Use these bath salts 
and let the relaxing begin.

We did not do the coupon book that it comes with (which is really cool).  But, we have been working on our The World Needs Moms book.  

The kids have to write about their moms and answer specific questions.   I just LOVE some of their crazy (yet truthful) answers!  Here are some examples!  

Question:  What kind of little girl was your mom?
Answer:  My mom was a perfect little angel… but, she got grounded.

Question:  What does your mom do in her spare time?
Answer:  My mom likes to play Candy Crush on her phone for her spare time.

Question:  What does your mom like to clean?
Answer:  My mom likes to clean the floor.

Question:  What kind of little girl was your mom?
Answer:  My mom wasn't brushing her hair.  and her Dad brushed her hair.

Question:  What does your  mom like to clean?
Answer:  My mom likes to not clean at all.

Question:  What makes your mom happy?
Answer:  I have to do her chores for her and that makes her happy.

Question:  What does your mom like to clean?
Answer:  My mom loves to clean the toilet.

**Of course she does… don't we all…

Here is the final page where they draw a picture of their mom.

If you need a quick, last minute project- this is super easy!  There are several questions to choose from and there is also a Grandma version.

Also, you may want to go and try to win a Gift Certificate or an iPad!


Teacher Appreciation Blog Hop- 3 Teacher Must-Haves

It's Day 2 of our Teacher Appreciation Blog Hop!  Today we are sharing 3 Teacher Must Haves…

I don't know why but I kind of had a hard time with this…
So, this is what I came up with!

Microphone with sound system in the classroom.  Several years ago we got sound systems in our classrooms (with Box Tops money).  I LOVE this and use it all day long.  It saves my voice and the kids can definitely stay focused (at least a little longer).

A tacking stapler… at least that's what I think it's called.  This is my co-teacher Kelly's stapler that I totally steal off of her desk when she isn't looking… shhhh….  It opens up and actually works when you try to staple something to the wall!  Plus, I love that about half of my walls in my classroom are made to take staples (genius!).

This is the best thing EVER!  If you don't use hand signals in your classroom, I highly suggest it.  I bought this from D. Conway.  

I seriously have a boy that walks into the classroom every morning, turns in his homework folder, walks up to me holding up one finger to go to bathroom, even if there are no other students in the room yet.  I laugh every morning!

Click on the picture if you are interested in checking it out!

Go and check out the others in this Blog Hop and don't forget to enter the giveaway for a $20 Amazon Gift Card!

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How to get your school to pay for The Ultimate Guided Reading Toolkit!

What?  My school can buy products off of Teachers Pay Teachers?  The answer to this question is YES!  It's been a SLOW process but I think I am finally getting through to our administration that the products purchased on Teachers Pay Teachers are amazing and cost effective.  And a school CAN purchase with a purchase order.  It is easy, and this free download includes instructions!

I had an idea, and I really don't know if it will work or not- so, if it does or doesn't, I would LOVE to hear about it.

My latest products, The Ultimate Guided Reading Toolkit and The Ultimate Guided Reading Toolkit BUNDLED with Guided Reading Lesson Plans are great resources to help save TIME and produce effective guided reading lessons.  I spent months working on these items and they are quite extensive and the product is almost 400 pages long.  I really try to price my products reasonably, but I understand that $29 for the bundled product is just to much for many teachers (it would be nice if we made the big bucks, but we don't).

So, I have made a "letter/flyer/tutorial" that you can present to your principal/superintendent/curriculum director.  It outlines the product and also gives instructions on how they can order with a purchase order.  

Because really, $29 for this HUGE product is nothing to a school district (even if they are struggling financially- like many are).  AND, if you purchase multiple licenses, the cost is only $20 for each additional license.  

If you are interested in the product, why not give it a try?? Worst case scenario- they turn you down right? 

Here is a more detailed post about The Ultimate Guided Reading Toolkit.