End of the year Final Countdown!

5 more days… that is what we have.  I am jealous of those that are already done but wanted to share a FREEBIE with those that still have many more days. 

I thought I would surprise the other first grade teachers that I work with.  I made myself (and each of them) 5 envelopes to count down the last 5 days.  They have no idea what is in each envelope so it will be a surprise to them as well as the kids when they open them up each day.

They include fun activities for the end of the year.  The activities I chose to include in our envelops are: Read a good book outside, chew gum in class, shoe break (no shoes all day), dance party, and start your behavior clip at the top!

There are 10 choices included in this product and a couple of blank cards so that  you can write your own ideas in if you want.

We will open envelope number 5 today and work our way down!  Click on the pictures to download this FREEBIE!  And, happy end of the year (to everyone who is there/or almost there)!

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