How to get your school to pay for The Ultimate Guided Reading Toolkit!

What?  My school can buy products off of Teachers Pay Teachers?  The answer to this question is YES!  It's been a SLOW process but I think I am finally getting through to our administration that the products purchased on Teachers Pay Teachers are amazing and cost effective.  And a school CAN purchase with a purchase order.  It is easy, and this free download includes instructions!

I had an idea, and I really don't know if it will work or not- so, if it does or doesn't, I would LOVE to hear about it.

My latest products, The Ultimate Guided Reading Toolkit and The Ultimate Guided Reading Toolkit BUNDLED with Guided Reading Lesson Plans are great resources to help save TIME and produce effective guided reading lessons.  I spent months working on these items and they are quite extensive and the product is almost 400 pages long.  I really try to price my products reasonably, but I understand that $29 for the bundled product is just to much for many teachers (it would be nice if we made the big bucks, but we don't).

So, I have made a "letter/flyer/tutorial" that you can present to your principal/superintendent/curriculum director.  It outlines the product and also gives instructions on how they can order with a purchase order.  

Because really, $29 for this HUGE product is nothing to a school district (even if they are struggling financially- like many are).  AND, if you purchase multiple licenses, the cost is only $20 for each additional license.  

If you are interested in the product, why not give it a try?? Worst case scenario- they turn you down right? 

Here is a more detailed post about The Ultimate Guided Reading Toolkit.

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