NEW! Guided Reading Lesson Plans Levels (O-Z)

It's finished, it's finally finished!  I have been working to get the rest of the Guided Reading Levels (O-Z) finished for awhile.  

Confession Time:  I kept procrastinating making this product because it really wasn't very fun to make! Is it extremely helpful as a product? YES!  But, when I make products, I try to be creative with clip art and design etc…   this product was completely different.  It is very basic and practical- as it should be!

Anyway, it is finished and I couldn't be happier!  I am so excited to add the plans to my Guided Reading Binder.  I will be able to help out some of my higher students that are reading at these levels!

I have these plans ON SALE for the first 48 hours!  

I also made the plans in a bundled unit A-Z.

Here is a picture of how I stay organized with my Guided Reading Groups:

I use velcro for my student names so that I can easily change them when I change groups.

 I keep my blank lesson plans in the back using a lettered dividers!

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