Hand Signals- 1,2,3 FREEBIE

Yep, every morning... this is Jay...

At least he was on a schedule right?  And not running in room yelling- "Mrs. Johnson, can go to the bathroom!"  

That's what happened the first year I used hand signals in my classroom.  I LOVE THEM!!  The lesson to teach them takes about 2 and a half minutes and they've got it!  No more interruptions when you are in the middle of a great book and that kid raises his hand (yep, you know which one).  You think to yourself, he is going to have something really great to say about the book we are reading- he made some sort of connection and then BAM! He says, "Can I get a drink?"  REALLY??  RIGHT NOW??  

So now, he just gives this sign...

You shake your head yes, because let's face it- he's not really listening anyway because he is dying of thirst.  

I used to use 5 hand signals and realized that I didn't want them to ask me to get a pencil every time they needed a pencil- I was beginning to feel like a bobble head nodding my head all of the time.  And the other signal was for EMERGENCIES...
Did you know that a hangnail is now an EMERGENCY- YEP- That's how my class rolls...

So now there are only 3! 

If you haven't used Hand Signals, I encourage you to give it a try- and why not because these are FREE in my store!

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