When Hairy Met Tallie

Hi friends!
I wanted to share a book with you today.  Sam, a friend of Stacie Carroll's contacted me about a book that Stacie wrote, When Hairy Met Tallie.  Stacie is a mom that is passionate about helping children learn to accept themselves and others just the way they are.  

The book is based on a true story of Stacie's life with her daughter Tallie.  Tallie is often made fun of because she is "different".  This was very hard on both Tallie and Stacie.  One day, Stacie picked up Tallie from school with a life size skeleton in the front seat of the car.  Tallie loved the skeleton instantly and decided to name him Hairy (because he has no hair).  Hairy has changed Tallie's thinking of herself because "everyone is the same on the inside".  

Sam sent me the book and told her I would post about it if I liked the book.  I LOVED the book and so did my students.  I shared it with my class and I had 3 or 4 kids asking if they could put it into their "book box".  I shared it with my first grade team and one of the other teacher's had to bribe Jace (who is autistic) to give it back to her.  He was totally infatuated with the real pictures in the back of the story and wasn't about to give it up!

If you are interesting in purchasing this book, you can click on either picture or on this link.


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