Learn how to write a friendly letter with Santa Letters!

We are going to be writing Santa Letters when we get back from Thanksgiving Break.  I created a pack last year for the Santa Letters and the kids get to decorate a Santa.  The lesson takes about 5 days and we used the Notebook File on the Smart Board to learn about the parts of a letter including the date, greeting, body, closing, and signature.  Here is a slide from the file.  

Then the kids got to practice...

We then planned what we wanted to say to Santa.

We wrote a rough draft and then a final copy.

And then we each made a Santa!  They can choose from:

Traditional Santa

Summer Santa

Punk Rock Santa

Farmer Santa

Cooking Santa

Sleeping Santa

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They turn out so cute.  We really focus on letter writing and the parts of a letter for this activity.  Then, we send our letters over to the middle school and some older kids write a letter back to each student.  My kids LOVE to get a letter back from Santa's Elves!

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