All About Reindeer: Lesson 2- Gathering Facts

Today, we talked about how we have to know a lot about a topic to be able to write an All About Book about it.  So, we started our research on Reindeer.  We discussed where and how we can find facts.  We read a book about Reindeer and then watched a fun You Tube video.  Then we found a couple of websites to explore.

Lastly, I split the class into 4 different groups where we read some informational text about Reindeer. I put some of my high readers in charge of reading the material to the other students in their group.  After they were finished, we re-grouped and shared some of the facts that we learned.

Here are some of the supplemental materials that I purchased on TPT so that I had material that the students could read.

If you would like to join me, here is my 12 lesson unit.  It has detailed lesson plans as well as Notebook Files to use on your Smart Board!

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