All About Reindeer Lesson 4- Reindeer Bodies

We are on lesson 4 and we are ready to start putting our important information that we have been learning about Reindeer into our book.  If you missed Lessons 1-3, you can go to them here:  Lesson 1, Lesson 2, Lesson 3.  The All About Reindeer book has a total of 8 pages.  I keep all of the pages separate and I collect them each day and put them together at the end.  I want them to stay nice.  If I let the kids have the whole book, you can only imagine what they look like in the end.

First I showed them what the book was going to look like when it is all finished.  I showed them the Title Page
Table of Contents
3 Pages of Facts
About the Author

I explained that we would be starting with our Facts first and then we would work on the other sections.  So, today we focused on Reindeer Bodies.

We had a graphic organizer to brainstorm some of the things that we have learned about Reindeer Bodies.  We focused on 3 things:  antlers, hooves, and hair.  Here is what we came up with.

Then we wrote our first page together.  We did a heading (Reindeer Bodies) and then traced over it with our black crayon to make it bold.  After writing our facts, we also made the word "hooves" bold and we will later put that word into our glossary.

Here is my sample:  

Here are some of the samples:

OH YEAH, and don't you just love the reindeer?  We did a step by step how to draw a reindeer sample.  You can find that here.

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