All About Reindeer Lessons 7-12

Well, I'm sitting in the airport right now getting ready to fly to South Africa!  I thought I would try to get a quick post in on how we finished our All About Reindeer books.  Last week, we spent a lot of time on our books because I wanted to get them finished before Christmas Break.  So, I am also cramming in a lot of lessons into this one post!

After we finished our main facts pages, then we focused on finishing the other parts of our book.  

We did our Reindeer Diagram...

Then our Glossary...

Then our About the Author page... I took a school picture of each student and they glued it onto their page.

We also did our Table of Contents page but I must have forgotten to take a picture of it... oops...
Lastly, we did our Title Page.  They got to choose a picture that they wanted for their cover.  Then they colored in the title.

We had a little celebration with our Kindergarten Reading Buddies and they LOVED sharing their books!  This is always one of their favorites!

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