Mother's Day Ideas

It’s hard to believe that Mother’s Day is right around the corner!  We are starting to get our projects going this year.  So, I thought I would share with you what we are planning.  Two of the things we have done the past couple of years.  The third is something new we are trying.  So, here they are!

 1.  Spa Mom-  I cannot say enough how much I LOVE this project!  I think it’s just so original and the kids absolutely love making it for mom.  This project was made by Fluttering Through First Grade.  Click on their name or the picture to take you to their blog post about this project.

2.  The World Needs Moms-  This is a book that I made for the kids to make for their mom.  There are different questions for the kids to answer about their mother.  It’s great to see what they come up with!  Included in the product, there are also pages for Grandma in case you have any kiddos that don’t have a mom to make it for.  Some sample questions are:  What kind of little girl was your mom?  Who’s the boss at your house?  What does your mom like to clean?  What does your mom do in her spare time?  I usually choose 8 different questions to put into the book.

3.  Word Cloud- This is something new we are trying this year.  The kids are going to make a word cloud about their mom.  We are using the Word Cloud on  If you type in the word mom several times, it will make it bigger than the other words.  There are different layouts you can choose and different color schemes.  I have made a simple planning page for the kids to use to come up with their words.  You can download it HERE for free.

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