Differentiated Read the Room during Literacy Centers

Are you happy with how your Literacy Centers went last year?  Are there areas that you would like to improve?  I can honestly say that each year I feel like I am improving my Literacy Centers.  I have tried hundreds of different ideas for centers.  
Let's face it... some work and some don't.
I do a mixture of Daily 5 and "other" centers.  I don't fully do Daily 5 because some of the centers  just aren't right for me- and that's okay in my book!  
Every year, I change things up.  I keep what's working well and I change things that aren't working so well.  Last year I decided to implement a Read the Room Literacy Center.  I tried a few that I bought on TPT and they were good but it seemed that the kids weren't "engaged" as much as I had hoped.  So, I decided to make my own.  
Each week throughout the year, I made a new Differentiated Read the Room.  I made them to go along with our spelling skill.  I really wanted to make sure that each student was getting the most out of the skills we were learning.  Here is what I came up with...
I made 3 different levels (A, B, and C)- pretty clever I know...
I put the letter on the center rotation cards next to their name.  So, if Adelynn was one of my top students, I put a C next to her name and she knew that she would get a paper from the C tray.  
The activities change a little bit depending on the phonics skill but the format is basically the same so the kids know exactly what to do.  We all know what that means... when they know what to do- they don't try to bother you!
Here is what Level A looks like for Short a.
Students have to write the words by filling in the missing vowel.  Then, on the back, they choose 6 different pictures to draw and color.

Here is Level B.  Students have to write the words into the sentence and read it to a friend.  They then choose 6 different words to draw and color.

Here is Level C.  Students have to write the words into the sentence and read it to a friend.  Then, on the back, they write 4 of their own sentences using the words.

There are 31 different Read the Room activities in the bundle.  They actually go along with my Spelling Through the Year (first grade).  If you are interested in the bundle, it is 40% off if you purchase separately!  As the skills get more difficult, so do the activities.  For instance, many of the sentences the kids have to use context clues to figure out where the word goes- there are no numbers.  I LOVE when I can hear kids reading the sentences together and trying to figure out which word belongs where.  I makes my heart melt!

Here is a link to the bundle!  In the description, it shows all of the skills that are in the product.

Here is the link to try Short A for FREE!

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