Main Topic, Main Idea, and Details (An entire week)

Day 1

I've always struggled with teaching Main Topic, Main Idea, and Key Details to first graders.  It's a difficult skill for many of my kiddos to fully grasp.  I realized it's because most lessons that I found were too difficult.  What I mean by that is most of the reading material I found was too hard.  Many times the main idea wasn't very obvious and was definitely geared toward older students.

So, here it is- Day 1 of what I created!


How to play SCOOT!

Do you play the game of SCOOT in your classroom?  I have heard different conflicting reviews about the game of SCOOT.  Personally, I LOVE it (but only after the first couple of times of playing)!  

The first couple of times I play SCOOT with my students (first graders), it is nothing short of torture... it's true.  

They DON'T get it...

Then, after a couple of times, it suddenly becomes MAGICAL (minus the two kids who still have no idea what we are doing).

Here is a diagram of my classroom set-up and how we SCOOT around the room.